Who supports IBBIS?

The idea for a new international organization was conceived by experts engaged in NTI’s Biosecurity Innovation and Risk Reduction Initiative.  

IBBIS’ founding Executive Director is Dr. Piers Millett, a global biosecurity expert with 25-years of experience working across the science-policy interface.

IBBIS’ mission and vision are widely supported by governments, industry leaders, and key voices in research and academia:

  • “IBBIS is in a unique position to serve as a convener of scientific expertise, and be able to translate that expertise into policy, together with government.” – Wilmot James, Columbia University
  • “IBBIS plans to address significant shortcomings, helping to serve as a focal point for conversations between industry and government.” – James Diggans, Twist Bioscience
  • “IBBIS is a necessary institution and fills a critical gap in the global architecture for responsible stewardship of science.” – Peggy Hamburg, former U.S. Food & Drug Administration Commissioner
  • “The World Economic Forum’s ability to provide a neutral platform where public and private sector entities can come together to address the most pressing issues facing humanity makes IBBIS a natural partner for us.” – Shyam Bishen, World Economic Forum

IBBIS is guided by an international steering group of experts in biosecurity and bioscience and is generously supported by Effective Giving and Open Philanthropy.