Our Vision

A world in which bioscience and biotechnology can advance and flourish safely and responsibly.

Our Mission

The International Biosecurity and Biosafety Initiative for Science (IBBIS) works collaboratively with global partners to strengthen biosecurity norms and develop innovative tools to uphold them. We undertake this work to safeguard science and reduce the risk of catastrophic events that could result from deliberate abuse or accidental misuse of bioscience and biotechnology.

Our Work

IBBIS is the only independent organization with a primary mission dedicated to reducing emerging biological risks associated with technology advances. We address risk-reduction opportunities throughout the bioscience research and development lifecycle to incorporate effective risk-reduction practices at every stage — from project conceptualization and funding, through research execution, and on to publication or commercialization.

Our initial work focuses on developing biosecurity tools and best practices for DNA synthesis providers around the world to prevent the misuse of DNA synthesis technology. We developed a tool – an international Common Mechanism for DNA synthesis screening – that DNA synthesis providers can use to screen DNA orders and customers. Our activities will broaden over time to as we collaborate with stakeholders in the biotechnology industry, across research and academic communities, and in national governments. Learn more about our work here.

Our History

In 2019, NTI | bio and international stakeholders identified the need for an organization dedicated to reducing emerging biological risks associated with technology advances. NTI | bio is incubating IBBIS in preparation for its establishment and has been helping it develop new biosecurity tools. Dr. Piers Millett was appointed the inaugural executive director of IBBIS in the fall of 2022.