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Piers Millett Discusses the Common Mechanism in Council on Strategic Risks Interview
Millett discusses the need for the international Common Mechanism and why IBBIS is well-positioned to develop this tool for DNA providers.
Article - April 11, 2023
Science | Business Article Makes the Case for IBBIS
Science | Business International Editor David Matthews explains how IBBIS will work with researchers, funders, and industry stakeholders.
Article - January 17, 2023
Leading Experts Propose IBBIS to Promote Stronger Global Biosecurity Norms
Margaret Hamburg, Jaime Yassif, Hayley Severance and R. Alta Charo propose the establishment of IBBIS to reduce biosecurity risks.
Article - February 9, 2022
Plans to Establish IBBIS Cited in Testimony at U.S. House Hearing on “Biosecurity for the Future: Strengthening Deterrence and Detection”
Plans to establish IBBIS were described in a testimony to a U.S. House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee.
Testimony - December 8, 2021