News and Events

IBBIS Highlighted in 2023 UK National Biological Security Strategy
The new UK Government Biological Security Strategy explicitly recognized the important role played by IBBIS and the importance of DNA synthesis screening.
Article - June 15, 2023
Millett Participates in OECD Global Forum on Technology
Dr. Millett participates in inaugural OECD Global Forum on Technology with more than 300 senior policymakers and leading technology experts to discuss "shaping our future at the tech frontier."
Article - June 10, 2023
IBBIS at Biosecurity Innovation and Risk Reduction Initiative Annual Meeting
IBBIS Executive Director Piers Millett provided a progress update to the annual meeting of the Biosecurity Innovation and Risk Reduction Initiative.
Article - June 5, 2023
Millett Outlines IBBIS Engagement with Industry at SynBioBeta 2023
IBBIS' Executive Director Piers Millett took to the main stage of the 2023 SynBioBeta Global Synthetic Biology Conference.
Article - June 1, 2023
Piers Millett Discusses the Common Mechanism in Council on Strategic Risks Interview
Millett discusses the need for the international Common Mechanism and why IBBIS is well-positioned to develop this tool for DNA providers.
Article - April 11, 2023
Addressing Catastrophic Biological Risks at the Munich Security Conference
IBBIS Executive Director Dr. Piers Millett joined global leaders in public health, biotechnology, and international security at NTI's side event at the 2023 Munich Security Conference.
Article - February 22, 2023
Science | Business Article Makes the Case for IBBIS
Science | Business International Editor David Matthews explains how IBBIS will work with researchers, funders, and industry stakeholders.
Article - January 17, 2023
Biosecurity Solutions Offered at the Biological Weapons Convention Review Conference
IBBIS was the main feature in a side event during the 9th Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) in Geneva, Switzerland.
Article - December 15, 2022
IBBIS at 2022 Global Tech Summit as India Assumes the G20 Presidency
IBBIS Executive Director Dr. Piers Millett attended the 7th annual Global Technology Summit in New Delhi.
Article - December 12, 2022
IBBIS introduced at G7 Global Partnership Working Group in Berlin
Dr. Piers Millett attended the G7 Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction Working Group and Conference on Biosecurity Challenges in Berlin, Germany on October 5, 2022.
Article - October 9, 2022
Leading Experts Propose IBBIS to Promote Stronger Global Biosecurity Norms
Margaret Hamburg, Jaime Yassif, Hayley Severance and R. Alta Charo propose the establishment of IBBIS to reduce biosecurity risks.
Article - February 9, 2022
Plans to Establish IBBIS Cited in Testimony at U.S. House Hearing on “Biosecurity for the Future: Strengthening Deterrence and Detection”
Plans to establish IBBIS were described in a testimony to a U.S. House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee.
Testimony - December 8, 2021