IBBIS Accepted to Paris Peace Forum Scale Up Program
The Paris Peace Forum Scale Up Program selected IBBIS as one of 10 initiatives to receive support from the Paris Peace Forum community to accelerate its efforts to strengthen biosecurity norms and reduce risks associated with advances in technology. IBBIS was one of 70 projects or organizations that took part in the 2023 Paris Peace Forum and was selected out of this large group for the accelerator program.

The Paris Peace Forum fosters international cooperation and collective action, and the Scale Up Program connects winners to training, resources, and mentors within the Paris Peace Forum community. These connections will be important for IBBIS to engage effectively with international collaborators at the highest levels of government and within the private sector.

Dr. Piers Millett, Executive Director of IBBIS, also participated in the main health track panel alongside the participants from the WHO, UNESCO, the Global Observatory for Gene Editing, and other international organizations. IBBIS’ participation in this event underscores its commitment to collaborating with stakeholders across the globe to advance the life sciences and promote a responsible bioeconomy safely and securely.