Millett Outlines IBBIS Engagement with Industry at SynBioBeta 2023
IBBIS’ Executive Director Dr. Piers Millett took to the main stage of the 2023 SynBioBeta Global Synthetic Biology Conference. Dr. Millett delivered a lightning talk on “Safeguarding Synthetic Biology: IBBIS and the Common Mechanism to Prevent Illicit Gene Synthesis” on May 25 where he introduced IBBIS and the Common Mechanism in front of hundreds of participants from leading companies, academics and policy makers.

The event marked the global premiere of the new video on how IBBIS works with the Biotech Industry to build norms, policies, and tools to help safeguard bioscience and allow it to flourish. Millett is keen to ensure public-private partnerships on biosecurity remain robust and he is planning for IBBIS’ first industry-focused event for later in 2023.

This main stage presentation was among a range of biosecurity events at this important biological engineering conference. Other highlights included an NTI sponsored panel on “Biosecurity: Safeguarding Synthetic Biology Against Misuse.” and a breakout session with NTI, DNA Script and Raytheon on “The Roadmap to Biosecurity: Are We on Track?”